This Bangalore Based Startup Uses Computer Vision For Quality Control In Automotive And Warehousing Industries

Analytics India Magazine caught up with Umesh, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer at CamCom to understand the underlying technology that focuses on AI, and how it is providing hyper-intelligent quality assurance.

StartUp Circle: How is an AI platform for Quality Assurance in Motor Vehicle?

In a recent interview with Data Quest, our Co-founder and CMO, Ajith talks about CamCom’s vision, it’s accelerated growth and plans for the future.

CamCom designates tech virtuoso Geetha as Director of Engineering

CamCom Technologies Private Limited (CamCom) is pleased to announce that tech industry virtuoso, Geetha, has been onboarded as the new Director of Engineering for CamCom.

Learning about AI in Automation – An imperative in the Post Pandemic World

How AI defect/damage assessment capabilities facilitate better decision making across the automotive product life cycle, leading to cost reductions, more efficient operations, and less waste.  

Role of AI in quality assurance

Artificial intelligence has started to play a pivotal role in quality control across a variety of industries, transforming how inspections, maintenance, logistics, etc. are all done.

CamCom AI revolutionizes defect and damage assessment in auto industry

CamCom’s Hyper Intelligent quality assurance platform helps to drive efficiencies across the automotive value chain, from manufacturing, service, motor insurance and the used cars sector.

Digital transformers in the pandemic

Indian businesses might be slower to adapt to change, but Covid-19 is making them rethink their online strategies. Here are the people who are helping them future-proof.

How COVID-19 is set to speed up the adoption of automation technologies

In the COVID-19 environment, where contactless interaction is the top priority, automation technologies have found faster adoption than ever. 

[Funding alert] B2B startup CamCom raises Pre-Series A funding from Triton Investment Advisors

B2B computer vision startup CamCom has developed a technology platform, primarily used to reduce human error and improve quality in manufacturing.